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Uli Kontu-Korhonen

Uli Kontu-Korhonen is a versatile musician specialized in early music, especially in European medieval music. Uli graduated from the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland in 1991.

During her career, she has been giving solo and ensemble concerts in Finland and Europe and has been singing in the Medieval Music Ensemble Oliphant for 20 years among many others.

Uli has made several albums for Alba Records and recorded for the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation. Soprano Uli Kontu-Korhonen is a singer, who also plays medieval instruments organetto, dulcimer, symphonie, bowed psaltary and an ancient Finnish instrument kantele.

In addition to performing concerts, she teaches early music at the Turku Arts Academy and conducts a female choir Tapiolan Laulu.

Uli has also specialized in music in health care settings and works as a hospital musician in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Helsinki.



Anneliina Rif


Anneliina Rif (Rif Tokazier) graduated from the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland in 1993.

The emphasis 0n her career is on early music (eg. medieval, renaissance and baroque) and she has performed  throughout Europe and taught in several music institutes in Finland.

Instruments played by Anneliina: Voice (soprano), recorders, kawla, symphonie, psaltery, bowed psaltery, bells, kantele, medieval harp, tenor rebec, crumhorn and loriman pipe.

2015 and 2017 she worked as a Castle Musician in the biggest medieval castles in Finland. Today she performs as a soloist and an ensemble singer in concerts and festivals, teaches in Turku and also works as a guide and a musician in Turku Castle.