The CD ”Hodie aperuit nobis” (Out of the Shadows and into the Light) is now out for purchase!

The program opens a door from forgotten and hidden realms into the daylight and our reality today. Hildegard von Bingen, Maestro Piero, Francesco Landini, Zuster Bertken and anonymous masters are behind the amazing melodies.

Here you find the link to the Fuga Oy site, for purchasing the CD. ”Hodie aperuit nobis” can also be found in digital formats.

Order your copy here!

We are Duo Medieval

Duo Medieval features two medieval music specialists and masters of music, soprano Uli Kontu-Korhonen and soprano Anneliina Rif, and their unusually wide selection of medieval instruments, forming a medieval orchestra of two women.


Cooperation and long lasting friendship between the two musicians started already 1986 when they met singing in the Jewish choir Hazamir in Helsinki. After that they have been seen together in many ensembles like The Finnish Radio Chamber Choir, The Ring Ensemble, Apples of Paradise and Diadema. They have worked together as a team in the theatre and with dancers combining authentic medieval music with modern visual interpretations.


The sound they produce is both strong and delicate, colourful and crystal clear. The two soprano voices hit the hights and explore the depths never losing their clarity. Multiple instruments – flutes, organetto, gothic harp, symphonias, rebec, dulcimers, psalteries and bells – accompany and enrich the sound with powerful echoes from the fascinating past.


Both Uli and Anneliina are soloists in addition to their ensemble experience and have released a medieval solo album each for ALBA Record Company. They have performed all over Finland and abroad and brought their music to thousands of people. Their work has been widely appreciated and supported by various Foundations.


2018 Duo Medieval was chosen as one of the groups by The Finnish Cultural Foundation to make a long time dream of a European tour true.